Indiegogo Fundraiser Is Now Up!

As a show we are committed to testing and pushing the boundaries of audio drama podcast storytelling. As a creator I deeply believe in artists getting paid. Especially in this medium where pay is scarce. Our goal with this campaign is to just be able to afford to reasonably compensate the artists and crew who…Read more Indiegogo Fundraiser Is Now Up!

Transcript for 12. 39.17 Mhz

INT. THE NOTHINGNESS [CLICK.] [STATIC.] [Donald and Louise are in full panic mode. They RUNNING around the room BANGING on walls and windows. They KNOCK breakables to the floor SHATTERING them. Book get HURLED across the room. Throughout all, the static and OUTRO interject.] DONALD (prolonged moaning) Who will give us the wooooorrrrdddsss?!? LOUISE WHOOOOOOOOO?!?!…Read more Transcript for 12. 39.17 Mhz