10. Skull Cabin

What’s the Frequency? is written by James Oliva and designed by Alexander Danner. WTF Theme by Kurt C. Nelson.

Content Warnings at end of show notes.

Walter Mix – Karim Kronfli
Whitney – Tanja Milojevic
Carmen – Julia Schifini
Barton – James Brunt
Donald – Brad C. Wilcox
Louise – Kristen DiMercurio
Slick – Rick Zieff
Keets – Marcus Waterman
Det. Joy – Danielle Shemaiah
Trudy – Blair Dawson
Gans – Jamie Price
Krog – Alexander Danner
Connie – Klaudia Amenabar
Gentleman #1 – Jason Merrin
Gentleman #2 – James C. Ferguson
Gentleman #3 – Felix Trench
Jeffie – Giovanni Espiritu

Content Warnings
* Mention of rape
* Inebriation
* Smoking
* Sexual innuendo
* Child endangerment
* Physical violence
* Gun violence
* Death

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