Transcript for Episode 6: Books Containing Words

[CLICK] [STATIC] [Grinding noise] DISTORTED VOICE This story seems familiar. Familiar like in that way where you try to recall a dream. You find yourself unable to retell it, or at least to tell it correctly. Like a story you know how to tell, but you don't have the words. [Background voice] LOUISE [Rambling, “whose…Read more Transcript for Episode 6: Books Containing Words


6. Books Containing Words

What's the Frequency is written by James Oliva and produced by Alexander Danner, with original musical compositions by Kurt C. Nelson. Content warnings at end of show notes. This episode featured: Walter Mix - Karim Kronfli - Whitney - Tanja Milojevic - Carmen - Julia Scafini - Barton - James Brunt - Lillian- Jessica Washington…Read more 6. Books Containing Words

Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition

CLICK. STATIC. INT. JAPANESE RESTAURANT - DAY Detective Joy and Officer Keets are taking a statement from KOJI, mid 30s, the restaurant manager. KOJI Again... a man... a man I've never seen before came in talking nonsense. He assaulted my customers.                                DETECTIVE JOY You seem a little hostile sir. Can I have you calmly…Read more Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition