Transcript for Episode 4: You Read it

WHAT’S THE FREQUENCY - EPISODE 4: YOU READ IT INT. THE NOTHINGNESS -   CLICK   STATIC.   A music box opens and plays. THE VOICE: I remember... I remember that I can remember... a man. A voice. I remember a voice. Tethered to a man. A man tethered to a voice. A man tethered…Read more Transcript for Episode 4: You Read it


3. Maribelle

What's the Frequency? is written by James Oliva and produced by Alexander Danner. Main theme by Kurt C. Nelson. Content warnings at end of show notes CAST Walter Mix - Karim Kronfli    Whitney - Tanja Milojevic Carmen - Julia Schifini Donald - Brad C. Wilcox   Louise - Kristen DiMercurio Keets - Marcus Waterman Mrs. Keets…Read more 3. Maribelle