Transcript for 12. 39.17 Mhz

INT. THE NOTHINGNESS [CLICK.] [STATIC.] [Donald and Louise are in full panic mode. They RUNNING around the room BANGING on walls and windows. They KNOCK breakables to the floor SHATTERING them. Book get HURLED across the room. Throughout all, the static and OUTRO interject.] DONALD (prolonged moaning) Who will give us the wooooorrrrdddsss?!? LOUISE WHOOOOOOOOO?!?!…Read more Transcript for 12. 39.17 Mhz

Transcript for 10. Skull Cabin

INT. THE NOTHINGNESS THE VOICE --all I could carry in my arms. As much sound as the land could spare. I was careful not to take more than what necessary. Waste not want not. When I got to the place where you would be, I buried it for you to find.... but not so deep…Read more Transcript for 10. Skull Cabin

Transcript for 8. Feedback

[CLICK] [STATIC] WHITNEY There’s something creepy. And unnatural. And...I really don’t like it. [CLICK] [STATIC] INT. LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT - DAY [Phone RINGS. Officer Keets answers.] KEETS Los Angeles Police Department, Officer Keets speaking. (Pause) Okay. Uh-huh. (Pause) Can you... provide a description of the man who tickled you? [Phones RING.] OFFICER 1 Ma’am,…Read more Transcript for 8. Feedback

Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition

CLICK. STATIC. INT. JAPANESE RESTAURANT - DAY Detective Joy and Officer Keets are taking a statement from KOJI, mid 30s, the restaurant manager. KOJI Again... a man... a man I've never seen before came in talking nonsense. He assaulted my customers.                                DETECTIVE JOY You seem a little hostile sir. Can I have you calmly…Read more Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition