Transcript for 10. Skull Cabin

INT. THE NOTHINGNESS THE VOICE --all I could carry in my arms. As much sound as the land could spare. I was careful not to take more than what necessary. Waste not want not. When I got to the place where you would be, I buried it for you to find.... but not so deep…Read more Transcript for 10. Skull Cabin


Transcript for 9. Unwanted Platen

INTRODUCTION - WALTER’S APARTMENT [Whitney is sitting at Walter’s desk staring at the radio.] [Walter enters.] WALTER You do know the radio won’t turn on by itself. WHITNEY Of course! WALTER Practicing telepathy again? WHITNEY No! I haven’t in years. I’m waiting for the top of the hour. WALTER What happens then? WHITNEY My new…Read more Transcript for 9. Unwanted Platen

Transcript for 8. Feedback

[CLICK] [STATIC] WHITNEY There’s something creepy. And unnatural. And...I really don’t like it. [CLICK] [STATIC] INT. LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT - DAY [Phone RINGS. Officer Keets answers.] KEETS Los Angeles Police Department, Officer Keets speaking. (Pause) Okay. Uh-huh. (Pause) Can you... provide a description of the man who tickled you? [Phones RING.] OFFICER 1 Ma’am,…Read more Transcript for 8. Feedback

Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition

CLICK. STATIC. INT. JAPANESE RESTAURANT - DAY Detective Joy and Officer Keets are taking a statement from KOJI, mid 30s, the restaurant manager. KOJI Again... a man... a man I've never seen before came in talking nonsense. He assaulted my customers.                                DETECTIVE JOY You seem a little hostile sir. Can I have you calmly…Read more Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition