Transcript for Episode 6: Books Containing Words

[CLICK] [STATIC] [Grinding noise] DISTORTED VOICE This story seems familiar. Familiar like in that way where you try to recall a dream. You find yourself unable to retell it, or at least to tell it correctly. Like a story you know how to tell, but you don't have the words. [Background voice] LOUISE [Rambling, “whose…Read more Transcript for Episode 6: Books Containing Words


Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition

CLICK. STATIC. INT. JAPANESE RESTAURANT - DAY Detective Joy and Officer Keets are taking a statement from KOJI, mid 30s, the restaurant manager. KOJI Again... a man... a man I've never seen before came in talking nonsense. He assaulted my customers.                                DETECTIVE JOY You seem a little hostile sir. Can I have you calmly…Read more Transcript for Episode 5: Ambernition

Transcript for Episode 4: You Read it

WHAT’S THE FREQUENCY - EPISODE 4: YOU READ IT INT. THE NOTHINGNESS -   CLICK   STATIC.   A music box opens and plays. THE VOICE: I remember... I remember that I can remember... a man. A voice. I remember a voice. Tethered to a man. A man tethered to a voice. A man tethered…Read more Transcript for Episode 4: You Read it


Transcript for 3. Maribelle

INT. THE NOTHINGNESS - STATIC. The static gives away slowly to a garbled voice trying to push through. Finally it does. THE VOICE: ... is the frequency? Can you hear me? I am- STATIC continues. THE VOICE (CONT’D): Are you receiving this message... are you receiving this message... Are you receiving this message CLICK. INT.…Read more Transcript for 3. Maribelle


Transcript 2. Took a Powder

WHAT’S THE FREQUENCY - EPISODE 2: TOOK A POWDER INT. THE NOTHINGNESS - STATIC. WEIRD SWIRLING SOUNDS. CLICK. STATIC. SLICK: Every time you bring Enfield No. 2 brand cigarettes to your lips, you’re treating your senses to the finest tobacco this country has to offer. What makes Enfield No.2s number one? Why, Spishak uses state-of-the-art…Read more Transcript 2. Took a Powder


Transcript 1: Static

WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY? EPISODE 1: STATIC Written by James Oliva Produced by Alexander Danner WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY - EPISODE 1: STATIC INT. THE NOTHINGNESS - CLICK. STATIC. The static dissipates and a conversation in progress comes into focus. SNIFF. DETECTIVE CHARLES My head was still pounding from the night before. To make matters worse…Read more Transcript 1: Static