James Oliva 


img_2248_480.jpgJames is the writer/creator/director of the psychedelic noir audio drama podcast What’s The Frequency? In addition he has appeared in many other podcasts as a voice actor. Most notably as the voice of Michael Tate on the audio drama podcast Greater Boston, Robert Montague on Tides and Scott Sweet on 1994 and Azrael on Minefire. He’s also had guest appearances on ars Paradoxica, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Alba Salix, Lake Clarity, Big Data, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, Oakpodcast, The Haven Chronicles, and Radiation World. He has also worked as director and sound designer for the podcast short Old Fashioned Hell House written by Jonathan Goldberg. Currently James is acting Programing Director for the Audio Drama Network.  James’ VO Demos are available here.

Alexander Danner

Audio Producer

danner-photo 2Alexander is co-writer and co-producer of the serial audio drama Greater Boston. He has performed in various audio dramas: playing Majmin in season 2 of Radiation World, guest-starring in The Infinite Now halloween special “The Martian Thirst Trap” as well as the episode “Whiskey Barrels,” and playing Allan and Boxing Announcer in episode 72 of Pendant Studios’ Seminar. Alexander has had many other background and cameo appearances.

He also writes comics and co-authored the textbooks “Comics, a Global History, 1962 to the Present” and “Character Design fro Graphic Novels.”

Kurt C. Nelson


KurtNelson 2.jpgKurt C. Nelson is classically trained composer living in Philadelphia.  His music is influenced by Alban Berg, Luigi Dallapiccola. and Tadeusz Baird—modernist composers with a decidedly expressive approach to atonality.  He has studied in the US and in Europe with prominent composers Ladislav Kubik, Krzysztof Meyer, and, most recently, Louis Karchin at New York University, where Kurt earned his PhD in composition and music theory in 2015.

Kurt’s music has gained recognition through frequent performances by leading contemporary ensembles in New York, including the JACK Quartet, the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, and violinist Miranda Cuckson.  He is currently an adjunct professor of composition and music theory at the Boyer School of Music at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Dan Greene

Visual Artist


Dan Greene is an artist and educator living in Los Angeles. Samples of his paintings may be viewed at


Visual Artist

CRAFT FAIR IMAGE[17787]New2.jpg

Beedallo is an underground artist based out of Albuquerque New Mexico. You can see more of work at Instagram and Tumblr. You can also purchase her merch on Etsy

Melissa Petersen

Graphic Artist Gal Friday Season 1

18198531_10209185074887404_530161382775524341_n[1].jpgFirst and foremost, if given the option between the book and the movie, Melissa will pick the book every time. When she isn’t going berserk raising a set of mini-Feminists, she is bringing her virtual “Gal Friday” A-game to every author, artist, and creative soul brave enough to allow her to get all up in their business. Melissa is an organizational and graphics geek, which sadly means spending more time on her Mac than on her beloved vintage Smith Corona typewriter. She can generally be spotted running around getting sh*t done in a retro dress and a pair of Converse. She collects multiple editions of the same five Jane Austen novels. #aTotesAdorbsMindatWork #GalFridayEmpire

Klaudia Amenabar

Marketing Manager Season 1

klaudia_3_720.jpgKlaudia is a social media editor, meme queen, blogger, and aspiring writer/comedian. She’d say she’s Tumblr famous, but it’s more like infamous. She also runs the audio drama fan Slack group, which you should totally join! When life gets weird she loves laying on the floor and eating soup, not necessarily at the same time. Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr for “Dank Memes.”

Alex Hensley

Marketing Manager


Regan Adler

Community Relations Manager Season 1

Avatar Superpower.jpgRegan is the writer, director, and lead of the Crossroad Stations production Oakpodcast. She has been writing fiction for 25 years, winning several small writing awards during that time, and she recently earned her master’s degree in creative writing. Besides voicing the odd extra on What’s the Frequency, she also helps with public and community relations management, such as moderating the fandom wiki and Discord server. In her abundant spare time, she plays the electric cello, volunteers with nonprofits, and writes erotica professionally. Regan lives with her best friend, two cats, and a dog.

Tina Daniels

Community Relations Manager

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.13.55 AMTina is a master of all trades. Her primary roles include barista, cat whisperer, home healthcare hero, makeup expert, and master vegan cupcake chef. In addition to serving as a beta and creative advisor for Oakpodcast, she is a prominent moderator of countless audio drama communities—most notably the official Rover Red, Oakpodcast, and What’s the Frequency Discord servers. She is the host of a top secret upcoming meta-podcast, which may or may not be currently stuck in limbo.

She lives with way too many Stitch plushies and cat children, and she spends way too much time on social media. She was the ringleader for the “Punch Slade in the Dick 2017” fanfic festival and countless other shenanigans. Tina “reports” to Regan (read: makes Regan look like she knows what she’s doing) in managing the What’s the Frequency Discord, Wiki, and other community settings.You can find her on Twitter at _tinad.