Transcript for 9. Unwanted Platen

INTRODUCTION - WALTER’S APARTMENT [Whitney is sitting at Walter’s desk staring at the radio.] [Walter enters.] WALTER You do know the radio won’t turn on by itself. WHITNEY Of course! WALTER Practicing telepathy again? WHITNEY No! I haven’t in years. I’m waiting for the top of the hour. WALTER What happens then? WHITNEY My new…Read more Transcript for 9. Unwanted Platen

Transcript for 8. Feedback

[CLICK] [STATIC] WHITNEY There’s something creepy. And unnatural. And...I really don’t like it. [CLICK] [STATIC] INT. LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT - DAY [Phone RINGS. Officer Keets answers.] KEETS Los Angeles Police Department, Officer Keets speaking. (Pause) Okay. Uh-huh. (Pause) Can you... provide a description of the man who tickled you? [Phones RING.] OFFICER 1 Ma’am,…Read more Transcript for 8. Feedback

8. Feedback

What's the Frequency? is written by James Oliva and engineered by Alexander Danner. What's the Frequency? theme by Kurt C. Nelson. Content warnings at end of show notes. CAST Walter Mix - Karim Kronfli Whitney - Tanja Milojevic Carmen - Julia Schifini Barton - James Brunt Lillian - Jessica Washington Donald - Brad C. Wilcox…Read more 8. Feedback

Help out a cast member

Jake Song who plays Terry Fine on our show is raising funds for their surgery and could use your help! Please click the link below. It'll direct you to the site where you can make a donation that will greatly improve someone's life. Jake's surgery fundraiser