Production Update: In person recording

Thursday marked the first day of in person rehearsal and recording with the local L.A. actors that have been cast in the show. First up was Danny Pineda (The Narrator) who did such a hilarious and excellent job of it! He was so geared up for the performance that he even dressed in character. Loving…Read more Production Update: In person recording

Who Likes Surprises?

We would like you to mark Sunday May 28 on you calendars. Why? Because we'd like to share with you your first glimpse of What's The Frequency by delivering a teaser trailer!!! "Impossible! You just cast the show 14 days ago!" you say? "Bah! Nothing's impossible!" Be here on Sunday and you'll see... ❤


Casting Has Begun! Thank you all very much for your interest in our show. The submissions were overwhelmingly excellent. We are currently sorting through and working hard at making the difficult choice of which amazingly talented voice actor will make and which amazingly talent voice actor will not. Regardless of being cast or not, you…Read more News