PodCon 2017 Seattle

PodCon has come and gone but we wanted to share just how wonderful it was! So many  new podcast friends were made not to mention some of the fans we got to meet and connect with. Here are a few photos of the event and the friends we made: Here we see our Greater Boston/…Read more PodCon 2017 Seattle


We’re Finalists!

Greetings! We’re so excited to announce that What's The Frequency? is a finalist for Best Self-Contained Dramatic Production in the 2017 Audioverse Awards. This is a huge honor! (Too early to say if it’s also love or decay.) Not only is the show up for this award, but three individuals are finalists as well. Alexander…Read more We’re Finalists!

3. Maribelle

What's the Frequency? is written by James Oliva and produced by Alexander Danner. Main theme by Kurt C. Nelson. Content warnings at end of show notes CAST Walter Mix - Karim Kronfli    Whitney - Tanja Milojevic Carmen - Julia Schifini Donald - Brad C. Wilcox   Louise - Kristen DiMercurio Keets - Marcus Waterman Mrs. Keets…Read more 3. Maribelle