Primary Recording Wrap-up

With most of the audio recorded, we forge ahead into post production!

Julia Being Awesome.jpg

(rare photo of actress Julia Schifini (Carmen) absolutely slaying it in studio)

Having listened to most of the raw audio we are absolutely giddy at the prospect of sharing this with you. This cast is dangerously talented. ALL OF THEM!
We must warn you we have also been very VERY busy wooing exceptionally talented special guest voice actors that have humbled us with their interest in our production.
If we are being completely transparent with all of this… the first episode has already been assembled and the sound design is currently being worked on by Alexander. A good portion of the first five episodes will likely be done by the end of the week.
With that in mind we are still very much on schedule to deliver our first full length trailer in late July, a second full length in August and  to premiere in September 2017!!!


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