Here is the cast of What’s The Frequency?

We are honored to have such a brilliantly talented cast! Without further ado here they are:

Walter “Troubles” Mix – Karim Kronfli

Whitney – Tanja Milojevic

Carmen – Julia Schifini

Barton – James Brunt

Louise – Kristen DiMercurio

Donald – Brad Wilcox

Slick – Rick Zieff

Missy – Amy Schwartz

Archie – Jordan Higgs

Lillian – Jessica Washington

Keets – Marcus Waterman

Gans – Jamie Price

Krog – Alexander Danner

Doug “The Devil” Kowalski – Richard Penner

Detective Joy – Danielle Shemaiah Pointer

Miles – Pacific Obadiah

Trudy – Blair Dawson

Connie – Klaudia Amenabar

Mrs. Keets – Phoebe Joy

Dory – Iri Alexander

Harold – Adam Caplan

The Narrator – Danny Pineda

The Announcer – Mike Hammer

Detective Charles – Mike Frankovich

Melanie – Zoe Embler

Terry Fine – Jake Song

Brick Housener – Justin Fife

Rip – Jack Pevyhouse

Fey -Sarah Golding


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