1: Static

Content warnings at the end of show notes.
Walter Mix – Karim Kronfli    
Whitney – Tanja Milojevic 
Barton – James Brunt 
Donald – Brad Wilcox   
Louise – Kristen DiMercurio 
Keets – Marcus Waterman 
Krog – Alexander Danner 
Gans –  Jamie Price 
Slick – Rick Zieff Husband – Fernando Gonzales 
Boy – Jack Terbush 
Harold – Adam Caplan
Dory – Iri Alexander 
Boots – Mike Linden 
Detective Charles – Mike Frankovich 
Delivery Girl – Giovannie Espiritu
Content Warnings:
  • Explicit Violence
  • Gore
  • Domestic murder/suicide 
  • Reference to child murder
  • Defenestration 
  • Alcohol 
  • Guns

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