PodCon 2017 Seattle

PodCon has come and gone but we wanted to share just how wonderful it was! So many  new podcast friends were made not to mention some of the fans we got to meet and connect with.

Here are a few photos of the event and the friends we made:


Here we see our Greater Boston/ What’s The Frequency? exhibitors booth. It looked waaaay better in person. (psst… these items are available on our online store at Big Cartel)


The creators behind Greater Boston (Jeff Van Dresen, center and Alexander Danner right) and What’s The Frequency? (James Oliva left… and if you want to count Alex as our sound designer a “creator” then… fine I guess. Added bonus! Can you spot Julia Schifini and Tanja Milojevic?)


This is a wonderfully framed photo of James Oliva and Phoebe Joy (Mrs. Keets). Phoebe is wondering why James’ selfie skills suck so bad. To this day she still can’t figure it out.


More creator and cast photos! This time Klaudia Amenabar (Connie) join Phoebe and James, only to also wonder why James sucks at taking selfies.


James found more podcasters who have no idea how to take a photo. He found these kindred spirits in Sean Howard (Alba Salix Royal Physician) and Hari Rai Khalsa (Radiation World).


James found the peeps from Crossroads Station to pose with. His little brother Jake Song (center left) Laura Bramblette and girlfriend (center right and left). And no… they did not coordinate the t-shirt thing…


James also got to hug Briggon Snow (Caleb) from The Bright Sessions only to have James “try” to borrow his Featured Guest badge. Though Briggon was angry about it James got to stay at the convention and Briggon went home with an extra $5. (none of that happened… except the hug. The hug happened)


Overlord James (right) and Julia Morizawa (Dr. Bright) from The Bright Sessions back in the day when they were happy and smiling.


Then James and Julia remembered that Brad C. Wilcox (Donald on What’s The Frequency? and Julia’s real life husband.) could not be at PodCon.


That time Overlord met Amanda McLoughlin (trust us that’s her on the far left) from Spirits Podcast AND she didn’t run away! Bonus photo!!! WTF cast member Kristen DiMercurio (Louise) trying to drink her beer in peace. No peace for you Kristen!!!


The end of the night and party for Alex and James. Julia Schifini (Carmen and Co-Host of Spirits Podcast) took the time to pose for a photo. This was decided by height order as to who stood next to who.

Now we can not wait until PodCon 2018 to relive the magic!!!


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