Cast and Crew


James Oliva 


img_2248_480.jpgCurrently the voice of Michael Tate on popular audio podcast drama Greater Boston, he has also had guest appearances on ars Paradoxica, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Seminar, Big Data, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, Oak Podcast, The Haven Chronicles and Radiation World. He was a finalist for an 2016 Audio Verse Award in the category of Best Performance of an Actor in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production.

James’ VO Demos

Alexander Danner

Audio Producer

danner-photo 2Alexander is co-writer and co-producer of the serial audio drama Greater Boston. He has performed in various audio dramas–playing Majmin in season 2 of Radiation World, guest starring in The Infinite Now halloween special “The Martian Thirst Trap,” as well as appearing in the episode “Whiskey Barrels,” and playing Allan and Boxing Announcer in episode 72 of Pendant Studios’ Seminar, among other background and cameo appearances.

He also writes comics, and co-authored the textbooks “Comics, a Global History, 1962 to the Present,” and “Character Design fro Graphic Novels.”

Kurt C. Nelson


KurtNelson 2.jpgKurt C Nelson is classically trained composer living in Philadelphia.  His music is influenced by Alban Berg, Luigi Dallapiccola and Tadeusz Baird – modernist composers with a decidedly expressive approach to atonality.  He has studied in the US and in Europe with prominent composers Ladislav Kubik, Krzysztof Meyer and, most recently, with Louis Karchin at New York University, where he earned the PhD in composition and music theory in 2015.

Kurt’s music has gained recognition through frequent performances by leading contemporary ensembles in New York, including the JACK Quartet, the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society and violinist Miranda Cuckson.  He is currently an adjunct professor of composition and music theory at the Boyer School of Music at Temple University, Philadelphia.

Dan Greene

Visual Artist

dangreenepersonalphoto1-copy1.jpgDan Greene is an artist and educator living in Los Angeles. Samples of his paintings may be viewed at:


Karim C. Kronfli

as Walter “Troubles” Mix

unnamed.jpgKarim has been a professional performer for over 20 years originally working as a medieval entertainer. With plays, and film added to his professional repertoire Karim now loves directing as much as performing. Trained at City Lit in London after he was introduced to working behind the microphone at BFBS, he specializes in narration and audio drama he has a powerful and flexible voice delivering a wide range of characters.

Selected Credits:
Commander Taggart – The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project
Abaddon – The Fall
Various Characters – The Byron Chronicles
Bruce Mercer – A Scottish Podcast

Favorite Weird Thing:
I breathe fire! (we’ve confirmed this)

Tanja Milojevic

as Whitney

Tanja.jpgI’m a friendly fun-loving personality who enjoys meeting new people, making friends, and being creative. Originally from Serbia, I’m lucky to be living in a city where transportation is easy to come by and travel with my lovely guide dog Nabu. At work I produce braille for many different clients and at home I enjoy recording voice overs! I’m a recent graduate of UMass Boston with a Masters in Vision Rehab Therapy (Who really uses their degree these days). My supportive friends and I enjoy going to the movies, visiting new restaurants, going on adventures where we can find them and letting our dogs interact. I feel that my purpose is to voice act and it’s an escape for me which I look forward to each and every time I sit behind the microphone. The Audio Drama community at this point feels like my family and it’s an honor to be included in this amazing talented and thriving group! Podcasts of all kinds fill my commutes and make them bearable. It should also be mentioned that I enjoy buying electronics and have a huge collection of audio dramas, audio books, audio described films, and random recordings from my life. I confess, I’m an audio hoarder but only on my external hard drive.


Denna in You Are Here, Melissa in Greater Boston, Kora and Jem in Edict Zero FIS, Madeline in Relative Worlds, Prue in Heavenly Deception, and others.

Favorite Weird Thing:

The film “In A World!” It’s such an empowering well-done film and it’s hilarious.

Tanja’s VO Demos
Phone on hold narration

Julia Schifini

as Carmen

Julia.jpgJulia is a cheesemonger by day and podcaster by night. She holds dual degrees in history and religious studies. Want to hear her have a few drinks and talk about mythology and folklore? She is also the co-host and producer of Spirits Podcast.
“Carmen” – What’s the Frequency, cameos on Small Town Horror, Subject: Found, & Our Fair City
Favorite Weird Thing:
The fact that Greek god Hades, Lord of the Underworld, couldn’t come up with a better name for his guard dog than Cerberus, which literally translates to ‘Spot’.

James Brunt

as Barton

JamesBrunt.jpgActor who loves to dance to the sound of his own heartbeat. Plus creating any form of art whenever he possibly can!
“Brandon” -Lake Clarity, “Barton” – What’s The Frequency
Favorite Weird Thing:
I like to make my voice deep like Mufasa and make people believe that’s my real voice. Also dancing in the rain so hard that people stop to watch me.

Kristen DiMercurio

as Louise

Kristen DiMercurio - Headshot 1.jpgNYC based VO artist and freelancer who is a real person whose online presence is not a product of a very thorough AI that wants nothing more than to JUST BE A QUIRKY HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
Podcast VO: 
Dr. Sally Grissom – Ars Paradoxica, Featured Voice – WNYC’s Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, Dr. Simmons – Station to Station. Gardener – Archive 81
Animation VO: Zoe – Watchdogs
Plus a lot of theatre and film and stuff.
Favorite Weird Thing:  it me.

Brad C. Wilcox

as Donald

BradCWilcox.jpgBrad is an audiobook narrator, actor, author, swordfighter, fencing coach, and the real life husband of Dr. Bright.
Kin of Kings (book series narrator), Anamnesis, JesusCat (or How I Accidentally Joined a Cult), Exitus Roma, Duel of Destiny, Mastermind, and more.
Favorite Weird Thing:



Rick Zieff

as Slick

Rick's Headshot.jpg

Amy Schwartz

as Missy

image_uploaded_from_ios_1024 2.jpgAmy os Angeles based voice over artist and actress. Starting out in musical theater, Amy has appeared on stage and screen and eventually made her way to voice acting.  She has a bachelors degree in Theater Performance and has studied Voice Over Technique with Rick Zieff and On Camera Technique with Karen Storms in Los Angeles.


Some of Amy’s voice over clients have included: Build-A-Bear Workshop, Disney, Red Bull, Moose Entertainment and Great Wolf Lodge.

Favorite Weird Thing:

Narwhals and Funassyi

Jordan Higgs

as Archie

JordanHiggs.jpgGraduating from tabletop terror to podcast participant.
Co-host of the ViewtifulGames video game podcast.
Favorite Weird Thing:
The film Brick, by Rian Johnson

Jessica Washington

as Lillian

JessicaWashington.jpgJessica has been mesmerizing audiences since she was a child. A Memphis, TN native, she grew up loving all things performing arts. She has graced the stages of the Memphis Orpheus Theatre, Playhouse on the Square, Longwood Players, Open Theatre Productions, and many more. She has performed in a wide range of productions; on and off stage, including Umoja, Young Souls Cry, Bates College Modern Dance Company, one-woman show “Who Will Sing For Lena”, and SANKOFA.
Greater Boston, What’s the Frequency
Favorite Weird Thing:
Waving at people I don’t know to see their reactions

Marcus Waterman

as Keets

MarcusWaterman.jpgMarcus is thrilled to be a part of WTF.  He makes his home in Colorado where he has been a member of the professional theatre community since before the legalization of marijuana (if you were curious). His stage credits range from Off-Broadway to Regional Theatre.  A lifelong fan of audio drama, he has been inspired by the likes of Orson Wells Mercury Theatre, The ZBS Foundation, Firesign Theatre, and let’s throw Cheech and Chong in there as well.  He owns and operates his voice over business Marcus Waterman Vox.

Favorite Weird Thing:

If it’s not a paradox, it’s probably not true

Blair Dawson

as Trudy

BlairDawson.jpgOriginally from Central New York, Blair fled the cold and snow of Syracuse for the warm sunny skies of LA. In typical LA fashion, she is now an actress and Pilates Instructor.
You can hear Blair in other podcasts such as Greater Boston and Mars 2060. She has also worked on numerous films and stage productions.
Favorite Weird Thing:
Has an identical twin sister 3000 miles away, but they still manage to buy the exact same clothes and, on more than one occasion, send the same birthday card… on the same year. While Blair and her sister find this amusing, some family and friends have called it “creepy”.

Jamie Price

as Gans


Jamie is a songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. They are currently releasing a video a week on YouTube. Check out: for more info!


Writer and producer of My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend (musical), Edmonton Fringe Festival 2016
Voice actor (Brian Jeeter) in The Strange Case of Starship Iris (podcast)

Favorite Weird Thing:

Interpreting the Matrix as a trans allegory.

Alexander Danner

as Krog

danner-photo 2.jpg

Richard Penner

as Doug “The Devil” Kowalski

Danielle Shemaiah

as Detective Joy

Klaudia Amenabar

as Connie

klaudia_3_720_360.jpgKlaudia is a social media editor, meme queen, blogger and aspiring writer/comedian. She’d say she’s Tumblr famous, but it’s more like infamous. She also runs the audio drama fan Slack group, you should join it: Here
Follow 4 Dank Memes: Here
Favorite Weird Thing:
When life gets weird she loves laying on the floor and eating soup, not necessarily at the same time.

Phoebe Joy

as Mrs. Keets

Phoebe Joy.jpg
I’m student currently pursuing a degree in art history. I’m a huge fan of audio dramas, and am excited to get to have my voice in one for the first time.
Thanks to James Oliva and the whole crew for the chance to be part of their show.
Favorite Weird Thing:
Medical history and learning about all of the weird, gross, and creepy ways people used to try to heal other people.


Rob Dione

as Thomas Miceli

RobDione.jpgOriginally from NY, Rob received his BFA from SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory. Shortly after he moved to LA in 2005, he changed his focus from being a performer to being a health coach. Rob has coached and helped thousands of people create healthier lifestyles through is health and wellness show, The Open Sky Fitness Podcast. Once a performer, always a performer. Rob loves being in front of the mic and having a good time, so hosting his own podcast was a natural fit.
While this will be Rob’s first theatrical podcast performance, he’s no stranger to the acting world. He’s been in dozens of plays, as well as film and TV.
Favorite Weird Thing:
Out of all the work I’ve done, I get recognized from a Centrum Silver commercial that’s never even aired on TV. Just Google search, Centrum Silver Strip Poker and you’ll see me. People tag me in that video all the time, “Is that you?


Fernando Gonzales

as Husband

Jack Terbush

as Boy

Jack Terbush.jpgJack absolutely loves acting and voiceover work. He loves making crazy voices including Miranda Sings and his own character named Franny Glockenspeil! He started acting on stage performing Annie (He was definitely not Annie though… no red locks here) and loves all types of performing. Jack does magic and can sing, tap dance, and play the piano. Jack has no job because he is a busy man… going to school… on his phone… so hard.


Daddy’s Home 2, Casual (Hulu TV), Draw My Dream (DreamWorks), The August 22nd of My Childhood (The Blank Theatre)

Favorite Weird Thing:

HALLOWEEN IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pacific S. Obadiah

as Miles

PacificObadiah.jpgA student who does stuff… Sometimes. In my freetime, I like to venture up to Lake Clarity or play video games. Depends on how much gas money I have.
Favorite Weird Thing:
I am a master of the “Professional Yawn”

Danny B. Pineda

as The Narrator

Danny Headshot 2.jpgAspiring dreamer, amateur enthusiast, professional consumer. Is just glad to be here.


“The Narrator” – What’s the Frequency

Favorite Weird Thing:

Being excited for/disappointed by our burgeoning dystopian present (that 80s sci-fi, anime, and industrial music had trained me for.)

Iri Alexander

as Dory

IriAlexander 2.jpgIri Alexander is the head of Crossroad Stations, and creator of Jim Robbie and the Wanderers. Almost all of her excess time is spent working on shows, but when she has some time or can multi-task, she’s watching anything she can get her hands on, going out and LARPing, or dancing.
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, Greater Boston, The Infinite Now, Pendant Production’s As You Like It, Our Fair City.
Favorite Weird Thing:
I love clowns.

Adam Caplan

as Harold


Adam is a sometimes, actor, pit master, comedian. he is very excited to be part of this cast.
Credits: USA Today Sports (VO- olympics in RIO)
Favorite Weird Thing: Bluetooth Headsets.

Zoe Embler

as Melanie

Jake Song

as Terry Fine


 Jake Song is a cryptid native to the South Florida region. He can be found all over the state, but most sightings put him in the Gainesville area. From what information we can gather, it seems that he loves video games and has a penchant for audio dramas. How he can be interested in these things, however, is a mystery, as wifi is spotty at best in the woods.
Creator/writer/editor: Misadventure by Death
Voice actor: Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, Space Log, and others
Writer: Jim Robbie and the Wanderers
Favorite Weird Thing (can be an object, film, talent…): I just love Square Enix games so much, y’all. Catch me waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 as a skeleton.

Justin Fife

as Brick Housener

JustinFife.jpgI started voice acting about 2 years ago, and I also produce my own Sci-Fi Audio Drama called Nova Dark. I currently live in California with my wife and son.
I’ve voiced characters on, The Bryon Chronicles, The Fall, Come and See, Pendent Shakespeare Theater, Afternoon Tea Adventures (Dr. Who), Nova Dark, Star Trek fan fiction, Ancestry, Jim Nolan Private Eye, and I narrate for The Other Stories Sci-Fi, Horror, Thrillers.
Favorite Weird Thing:
I love all kinds of foods, even blood pudding, yet I can’t stand brownies.

Sarah Golding

as Fey


 Sarah essentially just wants to act…has been doing Audio Drama since 2014 and is enjoying being Co-Host of The Audio Drama Production Podcast – Check it out! It’s a great resource for novice and pro AD podcast makers. She writes acts and directs community theatre, did a short stint ln the Trainee Director’s programme at The Kings Head in London and sometime teaches or pretends to be a kids drama teacher in secondary school. She has a plethora of accents of use, and loves the challenge of the variety of characters she can (and has) performed in audio drama and comedy. She’d LOVE to do more comedy. MmmoooooOOOOOOOORE!
Credits: Lizzie McCoy Wynabego Warrior, Mom – Kill the Boy, Kruhadell – Shadow of Lavenhan, Pixel Flowers – Video Games World News Tonight (Audioblivious Productions); Corra, You Are Here (Rogue Corp Productions); Drunk Helen – A Scottish Podcast (Yap Audio); Nancy (S1) Pam (S2) Subject: Found Mom – Be mine – A Short HorrorStory, by Paul Sating (Fatecrafters), Rosemary – The Box (Lauren Nelson); Vadoma – Other Worldlies (Aural Sound Studios); Alia – Ancestry, Ariel – The Fall (Koach Studios); Magister – Loopholes (Gray Area: Edward Champion); Olga – Roswell BC (With Boyd Barrett); Karen – The Tunnels Podcast (Deaf Spider Productions); The Audio Drama Production Podcast Co-Host from 1/17 – Me myself and I! (And with co-host Fiona Thraille); Barbara – Gabriella Thomas and the Return Of The Fallen (Twilight Audio Theatre); Lilith – Galaxy Quest Restoration Project (Fictionshed); Anna – Elite: Lave Revolution (Radio Theatre Workshop); And A variety of cameos in Pulp Pourri Theatre, Greater Boston, EVP, MarkSlade33, Lightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind, Drift and Ramble, The Manor House.
JULIE S – Bad Girls The Musical
ERMA – Anything Goes
SARA TURING – Breaking the Code
JENKINS – Cash on Delivery
MRS DRUDGE – The Real Inspector Hound
GRANNY WEATHERWAX – Wyrd Sisters, Lords and Ladies, Witches Abroad, Carpe Jugulum…
CHIEF CLERK – Metamorphosis
HILARY – The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband
FAY – Loot
Tina – The Eleventh Hour
Favorite Weird Thing
Brazil – Fave film ever
Massive Monty Python fan – own a paper foot from a live Python performance of ‘He’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy’, and autographs from Terry, Terry, John and Michael…

Jack Pevyhouse

as Rip

JackPevyhouse.jpgWriter/Assistant Producer for Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, Voice Actor for Misadventure by Death, and a poet attending UNCW for a Creative Writing MFA


The Fig Wasp King – “Jim Robbie and the Wanderers”
Neil Hastbury-Rue – “Misadventure by Death”
The Civilian – “Otherverse”
Justin Margolis – “Mystery Heads”
Rip – “What’s the Frequency?”

Favorite Weird Thing:

Bees, robots, the 2009 animated film “9” and modernist poetry.

Michael Hammer

as The Announcer

MichaelHammer.jpgMichael is a meteorologist, voice actor, father, and can sing the capitals to all 50 states.
Various corporate voice overs, former on-air meteorologist at KXAS-TV
Favorite Weird Thing:
More random than weird but I once sang at Carnegie Hall

Mike Frankovich

as Detective Charles

MikeFranovich.jpgMike is a stand up comedian, voice actor, father, US Navy veteran, and Rodney Dangerfield Impersonator.
Competed in the World Series Of Comedy.
Favorite weird thing:
Holds the Guinness World Record for high score on the Kings and Queens pinball machine.